Bosfora Projects

Bosfora Projects is an multi-disciplinary construction firm offering architecture and interior design, fit-out contracting, engineering, construction and consultancy services to its clients, acts as the know-how partners to investors, developers and institutions in project management. The firm's decades of experience spans of recreation, office, residental and hospitality projects. Our practical design stage and performance during construction process has contributed a surplas value to each completed project of the firm.

Bosfora's strong local presence of experienced project management professionals, delivers advantage to your project. We'll design,fit-out, construct and adapt places to meet your dreams. We are approaching each project initially as storytellers, our job is to understand the character and context of each project, Each element is informed by a uniquely space-centric approach, blending with sophistication, and minimal forms with rich materials.

Bosfora Yapı Projeleri Geliştirme A.Ş.